Walking on a line has been my latest obsession and it's amazing to notice how it reflects in all aspects of life.

Me on the slackline As I get deeper in the practice I notice the increasing balance and clarity of all things in life. The dance between work & play, isolation & community, growth & stagnation. It's hilarious how literal life can be sometimes. Another thing it teaches is a love and acceptance of failure. I have fallen off a lot. A lot a lot a lot. Painfully so. Repeatedly so. Sometimes bleedingly so. Apparently that's fine too. It hurts for a moment and then it doesn't. Failure is always going to be around. I fall down and turn around and try again and again and again. Failure is a great friend. It teaches where to go instead, what to improve. It just wants to lead you to being even greater yet, and as you fail even more you learn how to do it less painfully, even gracefully. If you're falling - do a spin! At first I could not even stand for 0.1 seconds, but with every attempt it increases ever so slightly. 5 seconds, 10, 11, 11 and a half. Now I'm up to several minutes, walking forwards and back again, jumping up and down & even some trickster things! Yet with the increase in skill comes the increase in future possibility. Things that could not even be imagined before reveal themself. My goal is to dance on it, free flowing, one with the polarity and balance of it all. Getting there will require some more months of failing. How fun!!!